Vario TAV design

A solar decoration, delicate, created with geometric bands that alternate in a gama of 12 assorted decorations that can be combined with each other.

Vario decoration

This decoration dating back to the late 400s, characterized by alternating bands of more traditional geometric motifs that create a different design and unique in every object.

Raffaellesco pattern

Traces its origins back of the paintings of the Roman period found in particular in Nero's Golden House, views, and then reworked beautifully by Raffelelle in the sixteenth century in his paintings, called "grotesque."

Ricco Deruta design

It is one of the most classic designs of the Italian tradition, which traces its origins from the frescoes by Raphael and Perugino of the sixteenth century.

Antipasto servers

oval platter with 7 pieces inside

Bottle Holder Giada